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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Released... August 20, 2009

Let's see, this last week has been good, I am having good experiences. Yesterday we went to I buffet.... and a pack of Brazilians came in. I did introduce myself they came in really loud and speaking Portuguese and saw us, and one of them told us he was coming into the MTC today just one last huraah at the I buffet (the Elders here love it... it's down by movies 8 and shopko) so this keep and his Ward counsel were here from the Provo Portuguese ward which I didn't even know existed and I got to chatting with the Bishop and he was from a city real close to Maceio` gotta love that northern accent. I also had two phone calls this week from non members who's first language was Portuguese and partway through the conversation they told me their first language. So those experiences have been nice, I help the Elders going to Portugal, and all those foreign emails of course....
Oh and John Sanders (not grandpa) an investigator of ours who is blind and has anxiety around people was baptized this week after we taught him over the phone for about a month. I think this program is great, because only by phone he was willing to meet with the missionaries and after much comforting he worked up the courage to go to church, the ward there has also been great in making him feel welcome. The missionaries over there did a fantastic job helping involve him.
I hope everyone is doing great.
Love Elder Williams

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

August 12, 2009

Hey guys, I hope this last week has been good…
Things are going well, on Sunday one of the Elders finished his mission, he had been in Argentina (Steven, every time I meet an Elder going to B.A. I want to tell him to look out for you, I can’t though. I can tell them to listen for your name, that’ll never leave.) For 1 year and a half. He got sent home for whatever reason and reassigned to the RC to be’n for 6 months. His Family came up and it was a nice reunion.
We also have received two new Elders in the past two weeks, whom I have not mentioned, Elder Boardman is not my companion anymore, I am back with just Elder Tucker. The small one. Gotta love him. The two new elders have stories that make anyone’s life seem easy. Elder Meza has been in the hospital for three months, because of a fall he had while running in the MTC on his 3rd day, He was assigned to go to Honduras But the fall was so bad they almost had to amputate His leg. His Parents Died some years ago, no one in his family is active anymore and he really has nothing to go back to. He will be lucky if they can rehabilitate his leg so that he can walk again.
Thither Elder has a lung Disease that one of his older siblings died from, and his sister just had a lung transplant for it. He says his case is much better than theirs; it is pretty intense he looks just fine He has to do all sorts of things to control it morning and night, about 45 minutes at a time. His grandpa lives in our ward. So, that’s pretty fun. I am with a great bunch. We’ll see what happens here in the next little bit. I love you all, Elder Williams

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pictures from the Referal Center

No email this week, but Jesse did send some pictures of him and his companions at the referral center...
Elder Williams

Elder Baird

Elder Tucker...

Elder Boardman & Elder Williams

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Good Week

Hey, the weather has been so good this week! Nothing like Provo Utah in the summer time, I actually feel like I’m back in Brazil at night cause I sleep with a fan on high and with one sheet. Wymount is great, I think they need to get some air though…. I can’t believe I am complaining about that after spending so much time in Maceio. Anyway I can’t sleep very well at night, I don’t know if it’s my cough keeping me up… or Elder Tucker’s cough… or Elder Boardman’s cough. Or just the new change I don’t know I’ve found that Drowsy Allergy pills put me out and help with the scratchy throat. I sound like I’m deathly ill… I’m not I feel like anyone who comes in here will catch something.
I love the devotionals here, I get to be front row at some of the coolest devotionals ever, last night was Elder John H. Groberg … The other side of Heaven. Him and Sister Groberg spoke (Jean) They seem like great people, they are great people they’ve done so much good.
Today we went bowling again… I think next week is miniature Golf though so that will be nice, we have got another Elder in here Elder Baird, he got sent home after 4 months in England and had knee surgery… He should be going back out soon. Although they are talking about expanding this mission President Allen wants him to stay. It’s a fun bunch of guys. The 2 that have been here the longest are from Utah, Elder Boardman and Elder Tagg. Delta and Spanish Fork.
The tanning has been effective, I feel better I am pretty sure that the prednisone kept me in check and coming off has made things a little bumpy, but, all is well. They’ll take care of it.
The mail is so different wow, quick, the news is news instead of olds, They have unlimited Granola here, and laundry is much different I’ve got it good as far as all that goes.
We have some great investigators, one guy who is blind has been loving all the lessons, he actually investigated the Church sometime ago and was really rude to the missionaries, but he talked with a member and his views were changed and Then we somehow got a hold of him and he has committed to be baptized in three weeks, The biggest thing here that I am coming to realize is the experiences are different but the Spirit is the same, and I don’t think I’d trade one for the other… if I get reassigned here or anywhere or back to Brazil I am alright with it. I’ll do what I’m told.
This last week in Priesthood I was able to give a lesson, on the first lesson… That was fun I hope you all know I love you.
Until next week, I’ll probably have to call you tomorrow Mom.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Comforts of the MTC

Since the first day here I have been in a threesome, one of my companions, Elder Sagebin spoke Portuguese, which was really neat, He left for Portugal yesterday, actually kind of sad He was a fun kid. My other companions name is Elder Boardman, he is a great guy and always happy. He is the boardmaster, literally in the internet chats (what I’m doing) he is in charge of everything. He has muscular dystrophy, which means basically muscles don’t build, Elder Boardman is the FIRST RC full-time missionary… He had actually received a call to Seattle Washington, When the President of that mission found out about his disability, he said his body wouldn’t be able to handle normal missionary work, the news got back to President Hinckley, and he said it’s time like that People with his disability serve full time… Anyway, to me he is a big deal. And to a lot of people here, everyone knows him, My new other companion’s name is Elder Tucker, he has muscular dystrophy as well, He will be trained here and then go home to finish out his mission, from a computer at home. He is really really funny, they both are actually, it’s like I’m living with the two funniest people on the face of the Planet, and seriously they have really good sense of humors.

We live off Campus at Wymount, good place… It’s comfortable.. by the way, can I ask who brought over the Krispy Kreame’s last night? P-day is for sure different, I never ever thought I’d go to fat cats as a day activity, but, it was pretty awesome, some how I lost both games though… I don’t think I’ve ever been so hot a bowling. That was a good time. So if I am still here when Steven gets home he better be sent down Wednesday at about eleven, to see me just by chance. Ok that’s Wednesday morning afternoon ish.

So, I’d be lying if I said I’ve got the groove of things here, I don’t. I’m learning though, there are a lot of similarities of here and being out in the field as far as teaching goes, I don’t do phone work, I spend most of my time responding to Portuguese email’s and chat, chat is basically like a normal appointment you would have in the field, but the people seem to be way more interested because they find you. Instead of you finding them. I’m not as good as some of the Elders here, to tell the truth I have always had this thing about internet correlation, and finding it hard to believe you can love through that kind of connection, but this is really opening my eyes, not only to the power of words, but also to see that there is no distance to the spirit. Since Elder Boardman has been on board… haha… um he has helped 50 people be baptized, that’s truly amazing. I feel like this has a lot of potential. I have felt a little forgotten since I’ve been here, I’m just now starting to “do” stuff I have done a lot of sitting around which I didn’t like but I feel like I’m starting to help out now. I really do have awesome companions though, they are both wheelchair ridin. This gives me a good opportunity to help out, with simple things… I will never take myWorking body for nothing. They are just awesome I attend the pleasant view 1st ward, I am liking that, I did see a bunch of people here I know, Seeing Ryan was SOOO funny, he just Kept saying “UH HUH” like take that Jesse, Kevin Lloyd was also comical, he was shocked to see me. They are both gone now . I just keep seeing a lot of ramdon familiar faces. I haven’t really explained my situation to to many people for the most part I just tell them I’ve been here a week.

Gym time is great, and the equipment is nice, and it doesn’t get much better than 4 square. The adjustment being so close to home, with this barrier is hard… but I’m doing alright. I do miss you all, I think I took being able to just chat for granted, I do have some good news, checking Email everyday is ok for me so if anyone has something importantish to say feel free to drop a line.

Elder Boardman has been feeling a little ill these past few days, he is a machine I hear, this is the first time he’s let a sickness get in the way of work, I made him go to the Doctor’s though, and get checked for swine flu…twice. Came back negative, both times, things are looking good, he’s just got a bug I guess/ I honestly made him go for both our sakes. haha selfish

Well I love you all once again, Elder Williams

Thanks so much for the guitar MOM I love you, I hope you are happy, You were pretty tough in front of me I was very impressed. I hope you have a great time with the visitors sorry I couldn't be there with you to get you through it.
Kristen Thanks for the Treats! Man I love those, for sure I’ll be a chub now.
Tawny I hope camp is fantastic! I bet you are loving it. Tell me all about it ok? I’m pretty sure I see every 26 possible, I actually just saw one as I was typing that 26 and no, it’s not either of the 26’s on this paper it’s the digital clock on my desk. Love you

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

See You in ONE Year Elder!

Elder Williams was set apart, again, as a missionary for The Church tonight! He leaves tomorrow to Provo for a bit while he finishes up some of his treatments, and once he is done he will be called somewhere else. But even though he is close, we won't be able to see him again :(

It came kind of as a shocker that he was leaving so quickly, and we are sad that we aren't up there to give a proper goodbye. We are glad we got to spend some time with him, and that he got to meet Ty and bond with Easton through incessant teasing! And we are so happy that he gets to get back to work!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Family Time

Although this is definitely not was Jesse had in mind, spending his year mark of his mission at home with his family, it has been so great to see him and see the growth he has already made while serving the people in Brazil. Coming home meant he got to meet Ty for the first time and really bond with Easton. The whole time we were there Jesse made it a point to tease Easton, and for some reason Easton would just come back for more! They had a lot of fun together, but probably the highlight of the week was when Jesse took Easton & Ty shopping for some "stylin'" clothes. Jesse has always been, as he says, "ahead of the styles" so he wanted to teach the boys a thing or two about how to look good.

Monday, June 15, 2009

1 Missionary + 2 Moms + 4 Kids under the age of 3 = One Fabulous Day at the Zoo

Elder Jesse Williams is doing well, and the doctors are optimistic that he will be able to go back to Brazil (or at least Portuguese speaking state side) pretty quickly. It has been fun spending time with him and really neat to see how much he has learned and grown this past year down in Brazil.

We went with my cousin Ginay and her two cute kids, Jake & Sophie. Poor Ginay pushed her sit n stand with her kids, and Easton who insisted on being on the stroller...while I just pushed little Ty around!

Since I was Jesse "companion" for the day (he hasn't been released so he has to be with a family member at all times) he was nice enough to spend the day with us at the zoo! He looks so happy...

He got Easton this hat so his blond head wouldn't get burnt

The look on Easton's face in these last two pictures of sheer joy express how he felt about being at the zoo...

Friday, June 12, 2009

And Now, For the Intermission of Elder Williams Mission

So, not too many people can say they celebrated a missionary's "hump day" with the missionary! Elder Williams had to come home because of the medicine he on, and because the rash wouldn't go away. Most of this time he spent set apart as a missionary...

The Homecoming...
Just getting off the plane...
Lauren, Elder Williams, Mom

Easton & Elder Williams
the Sib's

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


José got his car, “wheel chair”. He had a smile on his face, impossible to turn upside down. It's so easy for him to be happy. I believe being happy is easy, you just got to choose to be. José has made the choice which makes him fun to be around. He and Maura have been a blessing to me. and now they can see the world! or some near by parts of Maceió. there attitude was close to world travelers though. it's been a long time since José has left his home. I don't know how long it was that he's been cooped inside but before we started bringing him to church it had been a long time.

Transfers happened yesterday, I stayed with Elder Vasconcelos, I have 2 areas for one year. that's not much, it's funny cause 5 missionaries have come and gone in this area while I’ve stayed. It's good though, I've gotten real integrated with the ward, if it weren't for the name tag I'm sure I'd be recognized as a member by now. In fact I know the names of everyone here better than I did at my home ward.

I'm so thankful for all the support I've gotten. Thanks thanks thanks grateful. I've said it a million times I love it here, not so much the medical service haha, I truly do though I've learned a new culture, language and just everything else good that comes with Brasil. I haven't learned everything I lied, but a lot. it's a different world here, a lot of good people. ha maybe I just answered jack johnson's question.

I send you all my love
Elder Williams

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

May 27, 2009

Family and Friends, the space bar here is driving me crazy, its all sticky and I have to manually lift it up. This Transfer is over, already, there is about 5 more days left.

This Saturday, A woman Named Aline who has 2 children, and is 24 and a single mom should be baptized, she has been an investigator that we've been working with ever since I was with Elder Da silva, Its been about 3 months.

I have come to the conclusion that missionaries are the most impatient people ever, that's actually not true. Me, for example, though I'm patient (and humble) I always want everyone's problems to be solved to the point where they are worthy for baptism in six weeks or less. Where that is very possible in a lot of the cases here in Brazil, sometimes it doesn’t work.

Aline has Been progressing slowly these last 3 months. So slowly that multiple Times my companions and I almost gave up on her, because we know there are people who are just ready to be baptized, and we don't want to let the people we are here for slip away. We've always been drawn back to her and both of us feel like she has something in store for her or her children. Well. 3 months isn't that long, but in missionary time it is, 3 months 8 times and I'm home. Aline is “finally” ready for baptism and desires it . I was astounded at my thinking that someone taking 3 months to enter the church is a long time. I don't really know how it is in other areas but heavenly Father knows me and I'm happy to be in a place where the people are so acceptive.

All my love elder Williams

This week Jose will get a wheel chair from the church. That'll be wonderful! Maura has to help him around because they can't afford a wheelchair, and if he is heavy for me imagine Grandma Maura. They don't know it's coming either, that'll be a good day.

Mom you aren’t letting Lauren drive… are you?. I can't picture her behind the wheel of a car. Don't send me a picture either.

Tawny , Pounders, careful. The waves are really cool how the break so closely to the shore. I didn't see turtles when I was there though. Lucky. There 20 pound frogs here though. Amphibians! are sea turtles reptiles or amphibians? I think they are reptiles ha yeah a frog is not even close. I'm sure they are reptiles actually that’s so cool though.
Tchou Tawny Eu espero que sua ultima semana LA em Hawaii é ou seja (Sei não Eu me esqueci se é ou seja é certa, que vergonha) maravilhosa. I think they both work

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


This last week has been great, Except for Friday morning, I had a blood test, Yikes, hate that. I had to play it cool though I was with some guy I had just met for the first time. I'm so bad with blood I don't know why. I was pretty pale and sweaty afterward. The nice man who sat with me through it got a kick out of it.

Well, This "sickness" that I have is way too out of hand. Beneath my eyelids it’s a little rosy and my arms. No biggie, nothing I would imagine could send me home. But the problem is the medicine I'm taking is too strong to stay on. It could be bad if I stay on the medicine, like I could grow a third eyeball or something ugly like that. If it were up to me though I'd just keep taking the pills. Anyway I don’t want anyone to think I’m suffering OK.

As I was saying this last week has been great. We Baptized José, which was so neat. His wife Maura has been a member for a little over a month, she's the who found Elder Da Silva and I. Her brother Is the owner of another church and has been pretty hard on her, but through her tribulations she has respected and followed her Heart. We taught them about eternal families and José wanted to be baptized too! He has a hard time speaking and walking but with the help of the Bishop’s car we've have been able to get him to and from church.

The actual baptismal service was different. Elder Vasconcelos said the prayer and I held him in my arms and submerged him. I was afraid he would have a hard time holding his breath… also for just bones he's pretty heavy. All went so perfectly though. And aside from José's disabilities he is always always always happy, afterward Maura grabbed my hand And said “amo voce”. I'm starting to just barely understand the complete happiness this gospel brings. I've been smiling ever since.

I hope there is no unnecessary worry for me . I love you all thanks for the support.

Elder Williams

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Elder Williams...

Hello Dear Family & Friends

I received a call yesterday from Elder Wilson, the mission Dr. in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He called me to inform me that he has been treating Jesse for the last 6-7 weeks for a case he has diagnosed as Chronic Urticaria (Hives) that possibly could be in the bloodstream, which makes it Vasculitis ( a very serious condition to deal with in Brazil). He told me that they would be making the decision about Jesse remaining in Brazil over the next couple of days, and that he would be in touch with me to keep me updated. He said, Jesse’s spirits have been good, he is working, and they are doing the best that they can. I don’t have too much information yet, but I spoke with the Dr. around 4:00 today and he said, that over the past 36 hours Jesse has made some improvement. They were able to decrease the medicine and keep him stabilized, which they haven’t been able to do over the last several weeks. He said he was “Cautiously Optimistic” and has moved the departure papers off to the side for a moment. He needs to have blood work done quickly, and this is a difficult thing to do in the area where Jesse is. The Mission President’s wife, Sis Beynon, has been working hard to schedule lab work for Jesse.

Thank you to you all for keeping him in your prayers and fasting for him. We will continue to update you as quickly as we get the information from Brazil. We appreciate all of your love and concern.



Sister Williams,

I spoke with Elder Williams tonight. He is well, he had prepared an e-mail, but timing and closure of his e-mail site early prevented him from sending it. He is very sorry! He continues to do better than expected in regard to recurrence of his rash. He is scheduled for his blood work on Friday. We probably will not have any data until Monday.

Try and not worry. In my opinion he is doing better than expected. His Spirits are up!

He sends his love.

Elder Wilson

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy Mother's Day For Reals...

I don't know if anybody noticed but i was super excited for the phone call last week, because I was thinking a week ahead. I thought last week as I was writing that email that mother's day was this passed Sunday, anyway, I have a number here I do not know the country code to Brazil, but the state code is (82) the phone I would like you to call is 33542349 ( yes phone numbers here have eight numbers.)
Call around 3 o'clock in the afternoon it'll be six my time and if you don’t call I'll find a calling card and call mom's cell phone. Deal. I hope the timing will work out.

This last week has been really good, testimony meeting was maravilha, I think every member had something to say, even one of our investigators bore her testimony. And aside from the huge rain storm the chapel was full! The highest count since I've been here.

I have a question I heard of a flu and it sounds like it is pretty bad in México, I am on the lds site and they say the missionaries in the mtc will stay there until further notice but I see nothing about whats going on with the missionaries who are already there… I´m worried about two very good friends I have down there. I hope things are a ok.

Well I'm, ecstatic to speak with you all it'll pass faster than personal study. have a wonderful few days,
love elder Williams,

here is another number if the first doesn´t work, give the first a chance though.
Kathy thanks so much for the email and filling me in, I really appreciate the support I am happy to hear the family is doing well
Tawny I don’t think you ever told me if you decided to take surfing for P.E. I love how casual it is there, yesterday you just went snorkeling with giant turtles, is there a law against touching the turtles? Breaking the law or not That’s so cool! Have another great week ! be safe.

The family while talking to Elder Williams that Mother's Day

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Last night I was teaching a recent convert about eternal families, Elder da Silva and I Baptized her a few weeks ago.
Her Name is Maura, I've mentioned her before.
Her Husband had a stroke a few years ago, he has difficulties waking and talking. Yet he understands all we teach him. I've become really close to this family and I have been hesitant to invite José (her husband) to be baptized. Because I don't know if it's necessary. He has been quietly listening and participating in our lessons. He refuses to drink coffee and always reminds the family.

SO last night as we were teaching we mentioned baptism and how it's the first step to all the other blessings. José spoke up and said, “Quero” or “I want” I was taken off guard. But so happy, I'll have a little chat with president and the Bishop, I don't know what the rules and regulations are on this, I just know everyone needs to be baptized. SO I'll keep you all posted I'm sure it'll be a special experience for the family. I'm really excited to make this happen with my new companion.

I just finished reading the news letter Loved it, Although mine was rather lame, hmmm I'll do better next time around.
And I'll let you know how Jose is next week via telephone!

Much love elder Williams
I can't believe you found a waterfall, was it a legit one, or some sort of trickle, either way congratulations that’s so cool. Live it up over there. Thanks for the email! Sou muito Grato

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Family hello, I have a short Experience that I would love to share:

One of the men I taught with Elder DA Silva was recently baptized, under a month. This last week he grabbed me so I could show him how to pay tithing. When we taught him this lesson we knew this would be a hard commandment for him to keep, let me word that differently, from my perception I thought this would be a hard commandment for him to keep.

But no just like everything else he accepted it as fact. There wasn’t much in his envelope I was so happy to teach him how to pay tithing, he didn’t have much and that makes it harder it was honest and a stretch of faith, and he knows he’ll have the windows of heaven opened upon him. You’ll always get something in return for obeying the commandments.

Well I wasn’t transferred but elder DA silva was. I loved my time with him. My new companion’s name is Vasconcelos, He seems great, I'm excited to work with him. I'm sure I'll learn a lot. He is new but has a lot of good ideas which will help with this area.

I Like it here the ward is good the people are good they just need something to excite them and put the beautiful chapel we have to use. It’s the prettiest thing here in Benidita Bentes by the way. I don't have much more to share this week.
Take care

I'll be keeping Ty in my prayers, thanks for keeping me posted
Lauren Take it slow ok? Maybe you should wait till I get home to help.
All my love Elder Williams

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Alagoas Brazil

Hey yesterday I received two packages thanks so MUCH Mom Lauren, Kristen Tawny.
So I filmed a few reactions of the pop rocks pretty funny you guys will get a laugh out of it.

I believe a well lived week has passed, and ElderDaSilva and I are working hard to leave the area ready for the next transfer. Which will be on Monday. Transfers are intense, we’ll see what happens, as usual I'll be sure and keep the details coming. I actually don’t think I'm as descriptive as I should be. The thought just came to me though, even if I tell where I am or where I'm going the only good it will do is toss another name out there I don’t even know where I am or where half the cities are in the State of Alagoas… how many people know that I am in Alagoas, how many people have heard of the state Alagoas. However If I get transferred I'll be sure and write the unknown city name, and briefly describe my surroundings as usual. I do have a trivia question though.

How many states does the Maceió Brasil mission cover and, what are their names?

Nobody really has to answer that.
Yesterday was conference with President, It was really good. I know he has the keys for this mission and When we do exactly what he asks the mission progresses.
He taught us a lot about working with members, and showed us our strong points and what we need to do better. I'm grateful for my mission president, the sacrifice he is making so all of us can be organized and work in unison.

I hope all is well, I'm so thankful for the support you are all giving me. Have a great week!
Lauren! You are going to be 15! The next time I electronically communicate with you, Happy early birthday!
Let me know how things go for you Lauren. And Jessica, you might want to be careful letting Lauren take the wheel… I am nervous.
Tawny hey, address? Are handwritten letters possible.I would believe so. Thanks for the mail! I have written, I just don’t know where to send it. Nonetheless I am super excited for you wow and Mal you two be safe, keep me posted.

Much love
Elder Williams

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I Just Took A Nap In A Hammock

Olá,I just left a zone activity,I found a hammock and just fell asleep for a while that's kind of a bummy thing to do at a party but it was so nice.

this last week has been great, conference was solid I was able to make it on Sunday, and I got there a little bit late, but it was so worth it because we got one of our investigators there. He loved it. His name is Rafael and we have been working with him since the first week I arrived in Gurguri. He is such a good kid who believes every word we say. Not one this we have said to him has been doubted, like that quote I don't know exactly how it goes one cause I have never heard it in English and 2 because I just don't remember it word for word but “Faith and doubt can't exist at the same time in a person.” It's something like that and I see nothing but faith in this kid,

He is 18 smoked since he was 14 and its been so hard for him to stop. I have already talked a little about him but I'm just so excited for this kid and his attitude and that he is missionary age, he is going to help so much!

I’ve been thinking this last week about how big a miracle baptism is, to get people to change their life into a whole different world in a short period of time. For sure some people are already ready for the gospel and just need a little shove in the right direction but others need a lot more. A person choosing to change is a miracle and I am serving in a place where so many people are willing to take this first step. Pmg says that generally people wont change unless they are invited to, and I've been given the opportunity to invite others everyday.

A mission is so cool! what other job would leave you happy at the end of the day that keep you from family, friends, music, movies, physical contact all of the above… I don't think there exists one. I'm grateful to be here And I truly am seeing miracles and wonderful change in people.
I watched conference in Tabuleiro! Just a ps, it was so good to see my old ward. I got a few notes from the kids in the primary that made me feel pretty important. I had a good time there.
Thanks for all the support, sure love you guys,

Elder Williams, will E uns

Tanwy, wait a second, you are leaving to Hawaii in ten Days and I haven't even caught drift of an address… you've got home work.. have such a good week yeah? yes. And tell staish happy day for me please.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Restored Gospel Blesses FAMILIES

Minha Querida Família,
This last week two priceless families managed to find us, One found us as we were visiting with some less active membros, she recounted the story to us after she worked up the courage to talk with us. She lives next door to a family that was probably baptized the same time as Brigham Young, they are ancient. Just kidding But they are famous in the ward of gurguri, they just stopped going cause someone got offended. Anyway as we were visiting with this family, they by the way agreed to visit church again after a few years of not going, An older woman peaked her head in and invited us to her house after we finished up.
We went next door to chat with her and she told us she saw us, and felt like she had to talk with us. And the she was indecisive about it for a good ten minutes, she'd leave the house , go back into the kitchen leave again, until she finally just gave in to her curiosity, and invited us in. It’s a family of 5 we are teaching and its going great we plan to have there baptism the 4th of April.
later this same day a little girl ran up to us she is 9 years old and told us to pass by her house because she has a big family and she heard we like to visit people which is true. We passed by her house, the mom of the family is Nede. She has 12! Kids. the 9 year old is the youngest, and Nede's kids have kids. They live at the bottom of a gully a house we would have never found if it wasn't for the little girl. There are about 6 houses stacked fashionably on a very hidden road. We taught a majority of the family Nede told us some stories about her Life and how she raised all these kids on her own. Then she said when she saw us that she knew it was another blessing from Heavenly Father, That she was in for something good. If more people had her attitude imagine how easy this work would be. I'm excited to see these Families progress. Time is running out but I'll tell more about them next week, as best as I can.
Thanks for all the support All my Love Elder Williams.
Lauren I'm wishing you luck let me know how it goes.
Tawny it's already time for the Judging again! Good luck drive safe, I'm sure it'll be much easier to find your way the second time around. Seriously though be safe and let me know how the good time goes.